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How do I establish service?
  • For existing water services please come by the office within 24 business hours of the needed turn-on date to sign up for the account. Please bring with you the correct service address, mailing address, telephone number, drivers license, social security number, deed, or rental agreement. 
  • If you own the property, the total cost will be a nonrefundable service charge of $35.00.
  • For rental property, we require a $60.00 security deposit along with the nonrefundable $35.00 service charge. The total amount required will be $95.00.
  • For new residential water services, please come by within two - three weeks of the time needed for your targeted installation date to sign up for the account. Please bring with you the correct service address, mailing address, telephone number, driver’s license and social security number.  We will give you a white flag to mark the meter location. Please note the two weeks start when the flag is place in the ground. The total cost will be a $35.00 nonrefundable service charge along with an $1200.00 tapping fee. The total cost will be $1235.00. For taps of larger sizes, please contact our office for the total costs involved.
  • For subdivisions which already have taps installed, we require a tapping fee of $500.00 along with a $35.00 nonrefundable service charge. The total amount will be $535.00.
How do I discontinue service?
  • For your safety, we require a signature in order to discontinue service. It is preferred that you come by the office to sign an original service order. However, if you are not able, we will accept a written letter through the mail or fax providing you contact the office for verification.
Why is my bill so high?
  • There could be several reasons your bill is high. The first thing you may wish to do is to check the reading. We try to be as accurate as possible, however we are only human and things happen. If you find the meter is misread, please feel free to contact our office and we will adjust the readings accordingly.
  • If the reading is correct, you may wish to check for a leak. The best way to do this is to mark the meter for awhile without using any water. If the hand moves during this period, you may have a leak. Also, place some food coloring in the tank portion of your commode. If it drifts into the bowl, your commode may be seeping. You may need to replace a flap or valve.
What if I have a leak and cannot afford to pay my bill?
  • Effective February 2011, Northeast Water and Sewer has reinstated leak adjustments. Click here to review the Leak Adjustment formula worksheet. For questions, please feel free to contact our office during normal business hours. Payment arrangements can be made available by contacting our office immediately. A written contract with payment terms and conditions will be executed and your account will be made penalty exempt. Failure to meet contract terms may result in reinstatement of penalties.
  • Partial payments will be allowed providing you contact our office to make arrangements. If no arrangements have been made, your service may be disconnected at anytime.
What are my payment options?
  • We at Northeast Morgan County Water and Sewer Authority offer several payment options for your convenience. We accept check, cash, money orders, credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express).We NOW offer electronic bank drafts. Click here for online payment processing.
  • Payments using cash, checks, money order or credit or debit cards may be made through mail or in person at the office. We now accept payments online via electronic payments online. Click here to make payment. We also have a night deposit for after hours payments.
What are the guidelines for fire hydrants and/or water meter placement?
  • The Authority may install the Meter or Fire Hydrant at or near the property line, or at the Authority's opinion on the Customer's property, but not within the confines of any fence, or other barriers, on the customer's property.
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